Lins Cuisine was built on the foundation of my love for food & creating an atmosphere filled with exciting and delicious appetizers, entrees & desserts for both event guests & hosts. Lins Cuisine is seasoned in all types of cuisines and dessert specialties.

"Lins Cuisine is simply amazing. Not only is it cleaning eating, my husband and I love that all of our meals are prepared for us daily, so we don't have the stress of shopping or preparing meals. The food is delicious--better than we could of ever prepared."​


Morgan Pette

Chic PR

Annapolis, MD

“​Lin's Cuisine has benefited me so much as it saves me time during the day and I know I am eating healthy. I don't have to worry about what I am going to for lunch during the day. I truly look forward to Lin's Cuisine. It beats any home cooked meal."

Sir Bobby Brown

Annapolis, MD

“​Linda prepared my food for a one month period to get me ready for summer! Not only did it help me to drop some weight but the food was to die for! Every dish was different and fell right in line with my clean eating. I would definently recommend her food service to any athlete that is trying to maintain a figure or even gain mass. It would also be great for any working individual that is just too busy to prepare but would like to stay on track. Even more so for the person who doesn't know how to get started and needs a template to start a weight loss journey. It is well worth the value.

Amy LaCovey Tanner

Pasadena, MD